Bookshelf Makeover

When I was about 11, my parents let me paint my room. Everything was pink and I splatter painted all the furniture and it turned out really cool! Plus it was really fun to do!  Then flash forward to now where I have my own house, and pink furniture doesn’t really match the decor. 😉 … Continue reading Bookshelf Makeover

How to Survive Baby Laundry

If babies clothes are so small, how come all of my laundry baskets are full?? Between blankets, spit up clothes, onesies, sheets, and your own clothes covered in spit up laundry adds up pretty quick!  If you hate doing laundry entirely, check out my other blog post called 5 Steps to Overcoming Your Least Favorite Chore! … Continue reading How to Survive Baby Laundry

Staying Hydrated

Drinking more water can definitely be a struggle. Try my 10 simple tricks to getting (and staying) hydrated!  1. Keep track  You can’t drink more water if you don’t know how much you are drinking in the first place! Set a goal, measure it out and stick to it. A good way is to pre-measure … Continue reading Staying Hydrated